2020 Bank of America Chicago Marathon


Guarantee your place in the 2020 Bank of America Chicago Marathon by signing up to run with the Brain Injury Recovery Foundation through January 30th.

Interested in running for Team Brain Injury Recovery Foundation APPLY HERE to be on Team Brain Injury Recovery Foundation!

 We have a limited number of spots available for the 2020 race. We will review your application and get in touch with you about next steps.


Run for those who can't!


We are so excited that you are interested in being a 2020 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Team participant for the Brain Injury Recovery Foundation!

We appreciate your help in achieving our goal of supporting those who have suffered Brain or other Neurological Injuries (TBI, Spinal Cord, Brain Aneurysm, Stroke, MS, etc.) as well as their family, friends, and caregivers by providing programs for care, financial assistance and affordable rehabilitation 


Want to Guarantee Your Entry for the 2020 Bank of America Chicago Marathon? Registration for the 2020 Bank of America Chicago Marathon will be conducted through a system of guaranteed entries and non-guaranteed entry application process. The fee to register is $195 for U.S. residents or $220 for those residing outside of the U.S.  The field will be capped at a maximum of 45,000 participants.

As an official charity partner, the Brain Injury RF has a limited number of guaranteed entries.  By joining the Brain Injury RF and committing to fundraising a minimum of $1,750.00, you will be able to guarantee your entry in the 2020 race.  Interested participants will only be able to register any time from October 21, 2018 - January 30,2020. 

Have your entry? 
If you receive an entry through one of the other guaranteed entry opportunities or through the non-guaranteed entry application process, you can still join Team Brain Injury RF.

By joining the Brain Injury RF, you will be able to take advantage of our team benefits. We do ask you commit to fundraising for the Brain Injury RF.

Click here to Fundraise for the Brain Injury RF!


The fundraising minimum to participate in the 2020 Bank of America Chicago Marathon charity running team is set by Bank of America and is determined on the drawing of the lottery.  

Fundraising minimum requirements are as follows:  

  • $1,250 if you register before the lottery drawing  
  • $1,750 if you register post lottery drawing  
  • $1,250 if you gained entry through the lottery, are a legacy runner, or time qualifier  


As recognition of your hard work, all participants will receive: 

  • Waived entry fee of $195 domestic/$220 international to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 
  • Charity running team dri-fit running shirt 
  • A customizable personal fundraising webpage and tips on how to raise funds 
  • Prizes for reaching various fundraising goals 


We require 75% of the Fundraising Minimum no later than 10 days prior to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and 100% no later than 30 days after the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. If you have not met the 75% deadline, then your race bib will be held until payment is issued. If you have not met the 100% post-marathon deadline, your credit card will be charged for the remainder of the commitment. (For example: If 30 days after the event you have turned in $1,000, we will charge your credit card $750.) If you are unable to run in the Chicago Marathon because of injury or any other reason, by signing this form you commit to raising at least $1,250 for the Brain Injury RF. If you have already raised more than $1,250, all donations raised in the Brain Injury RF’s name must be submitted to the Brain Injury RF and remain with the Brain Injury RF. If you are unable to run in the 2020 Chicago Marathon, your entry cannot be deferred or transferred.  

Please note that individuals are NOT guaranteed entry into the 2020 Bank of America Chicago Marathon by completing and submitting this Commitment and Waiver Form. Guaranteed charity entries are LIMITED and are available on a first-come first-serve basis. When the number of spots allocated to the Brain Injury RF is depleted, entry through this process may no longer be available. If selected for guaranteed entry through the Brain Injury RF, participants are responsible for registering for the race on their own and paying all race registration fees – fees will be reimbursed to runners by Brain Injury RF when $1,250 fundraising minimum is reached. Submittal of this form is separate from the Bank of America Chicago Marathon waiver and registration.   

Thank you for your interest in running with the Brain Injury Recovery Foundation!

Contact us with any questions: Kim@BrainInjuryRecoveryFoundation.org